Menu La Rosa


Empanadas varias.

Chicken pie, meat pie, ham and cheese pie and spinach.

Empanada de rabo              

Authentic homemade oxtail pie

Americanitas dulcitas.

Sweets potato fried w/ chipotle aioli sweets sauce.

Garbanzos fritos.

Sautéed chick peas with spanish sausage.

Pulpo a la parrilla.

Grilled octopus to perfection.

Croquetas de jamón (4 units).

Home made “de la casa” ham croquettes.

Buñuelos de bacalao.

Our famous cod fritters.

Calamares fritos.

lightly fried calamaris.



Chorizo flameado.

Flamed spanish sausage.

Frituras de cobo.

House specialty conch fritters.

Frituras de malanga.

Malanga fritters.

Tamal en hoja.

Corn tamale wrapped in husk.

Masitas de puerco.

Our world famous fried pork chunks

Tablado “La Rosa”.

Manchego cheese, serrano ham, sausage and olives

Signature Sides

Arroz Blanco o Amarillo.

White or Yellow Rice.


Rice and Beans.


Fried Plantain.


Sweet Plantains.


Mix Salad.

Frijoles Negros.

Black Beans.

Papas Fritas.

French Fries.



Yuca Con Mojo
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions


Soups & Salads

Sopa de Pollo.

Our warm and hearty chicken soup.

Caldo Gallego.

Specialty soup with  sausage, beans, cabbage, pork, ham, bacon and potatoes.

Sopa de Platanos.

Classical plantain soup.

Crema de Malanga.

House specialty warm and creamy malanga soup.

Ensalada de Aguacate (En Temporada)

freshly prepared avocado salad (Seasonal)

Ensalada Mixta.

mixed greens blend.

Ensalada Cesar.

Caesar salad.

Con Pollo

Add Chicken

Quinoa Salad

house specialty quinoa topped with avocado (seasonal) and tomato tossed in vinaigrette.

Add filet mignon tips

Add Salmon

Add Shrimps





Fried Rice with Vegetables

Sweet Plantains and vegetable (omelet) Tortilla 8



“La Rosa”




Top Prime (Flat) Sirloin

Specialty Beef

Chuletón de buey.

A generous portion Ribeye frenched steak  certified and beef (16 oz)

Puntas de filete mignon blue cheese sauce

Tasty filet tips w/ gorgonzola blue cheese sauce. 


Sirloin steak certified angus beef fat on.

Bistec de Res a caballo.

Two 4oz Certified Angus Beef flat iron steaks.


10 oz Certified Angus Skirt Steak.

L Gran Piedra filet.

Grilled tenderloin filet.

Specialty Seafood

Bacalao a la Parrilla.

Our famous grilled codfish tossed in garlic and onions.                             

Bacalao a la Vizcaína.

rich stewed codfish in tomato sauce.

Filete de pargo.

Grill snapper filet.

Pargo entero frito

A generous whole fresh fried snapper (2 LB)

Market size seasonal (small)




Filete de Dorado a la Parrilla.

Fillet of mahi-mahi dolphin grilled or in rich green sauce.

Salmon en Salsa de Miel.

Norwegian fresh salmon fillet grilled glazed in honey mustard sauce.

Langosta al grill.

Tasty grilled lobster w/ butter sauce.

Arroz frito.

Cuban style chinese fried rice

Camarones al ajillo.

Shrimps in garlic sauce

Zarzuela de mariscos.

Lobster, shrimp,
mussels and fish In creole sauce.

Parrillada de mariscos “La Rosa” (1p)

Grilled Lobster, shrimp, mussels and fish.

Paella Valenciana o Arroz con mariscos (2p)

Valencian paella or seafood rice (2p – 60min)

Langosta al Termidor.

Two lobster tails with cream and cheese sauce.

Enchilado de camarones.

A generous portion shrimps in creole sauce.                                                 

Authentic Cuban Cuisine


Filetillo de res encebollado. Delicious tender filet w/ onions.                                                       
Vaca frita.

fried Shredded Beef onions , garlic, cumin and mojo.                                          

Vaca frita en cama de fufu de plátanos.

Shredded and fried beef w/onions on top of mashed plantains w pork rinds. 


Eye round beef in wine creole sauce.

Picadillo de Res.

Ground beef in cuban creole sauce.

Hígado a la Italiana.

Sautéed beef liver with onions and pepper.

Ropa Vieja.

Shredded Beef in creole sauce

Bistec de Milanese.

Milanese steak top sirloin breaded w/ ham, sauce and cheese                             


Most cuban tadeonal steak (Flat Sirlon teak).


Chuletas de puerco ahumadas montadas en fufu de plátanos.

Delicious pork chops Ham w/onions on top mashed plantain.                       

Masitas de puerco.

Fried pork chunks

Lomo saltado de puerco.

Sautéed pieces of pork, w/ onions and pepper. 

Fillet de puerco encebollado.

Grilled tenderloin pork steak with onions.

Lechón asado.

Fresh daily roaster pork.

Vaca lechón en cama de  fufu de plátanos.

Shredded and fried roaster pork w/onions on top mashed plantains w/ pork rinds.

Puerco milanesa.

Pork tender milanese stuffed ham sauce and cheese. 

Lechoncita frita con BBQ de guayaba.

Fried shredded picnic roaster pork.


Vaca frita de pollo.

Fried shredded chicken breast w/onions.

Milanesa de pollo.

Chicken breast milanese stuffed ham sauce and cheese.        

Bistec de pollo a la plancha.

Grilled chicken Breast with Onions.

Pechuga  de Pollo Empanizada.

Breaded chicken breast.    

Pechuga de Pollo en Salsa de Mango.

Grilled Chicken Breast in Mango Sauce.  

Pechuga de pollo parmesan (A la crema)

Delicious Chicken breast steak covered in parmesan sauce.

Pechuga de pollo cordon bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Arroz Con pollo a la chorrera. Chicken with yellow rice.  
Pollo frito montado en papitas fritas dulces.

Half fried chicken over sweet potato fried.

Vaca frita de pollo en cama de fufu de plátanos.

Shredded chicken breast w/ onions on top mashed plaints w pork rinds.

Homemade Dessert

El Secreto de la Rosa.

Warm brown sugar batter cake guava sweet and vanilla ice cream (For two)

La Rosa Flan de caramelo.

Our own fabulous caramel flan.

Key lime pie.

Lime traditional keys of south Pie

Tres Leches.

Rich and moist Three Milks Cake.

Cuatro Leches.

iOh my god!, Four Milks Cake.

Volcán  de  Chocolate.

The best Lava chocolate 


Our most traditional cuban dessert fry casaba in syrup.


“Spain is representing  in our menu” fried bread in syrup.

Crema Catalana

iYummy Creme Brule!

Casquitos de Guayaba Con Queso.

Classic cuban sweet guava shells with cream cheese.

Pudín de Pan.

Tasty bread pudding.

Arroz con Leche.

Traditional Cuban rice pudding


Coffee dessert cake.

Tocinillo del cielo.

Egg yolk and syrup  or the caramel cream

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